The Revellers

The Revellers got together in 2007 and are now regarded as one of Shetland's most entertaining and exciting groups with their mixture of fast and furious playing and flamboyant stage antics.

The seven-piece combine fiddle and banjo driven melodies with a heavy rock middle section and play a mixture of original songs as well as their own interpretations of traditional favourites with influences ranging from Lau to Metallica.

In October 2012 the band became the first act to sell-out Mareel and are working on their second album after their highly successful debut album 'Renegades'.
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Yell New Year portfolioNot for the faint of heart..!!!
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Legion portfolio
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Inverness, Aberdeen and Pitmedden Festival portfolio
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Inverness, Aberdeen and Pitmedden Festival portfolio
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Aberdeen and Ullapool portfolio
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Loopallu portfolio
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Edinburgh Meadows Festival portfolio
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Sandwick Social Club portfolio
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Mareel Unison Gig portfolio
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Scotland Tour portfolio
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Mareel Halloween Gig portfolio
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Tall Ships Concert portfolio
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Shetland Folk Festival 2011 portfolio
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Shetland Folk Festival 2010 portfolio
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Shetland Folk Festival 2009 portfolioThe Revellers playing at the Shetland Folk Festival in 2009